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Originally Posted by joe sch View Post
I also have a few of head comp, team, and club pro models.
They play great, not too much of a difference from the prestige models.
I forget what the price diffs were, would be interested if someone remembers ?
Agreed, I have 5 models (graphite pro,comp pro, team pro, club pro and the comp tour) they all play great. I have paid $20 or less for each of them which is a fantastic bargain. The only problem with them so far is that the original grommets have basically disintegrated with exception of the comp tour. I've capped the comp pro and club pro but the resulting feel is a bit more head heavy which I personally don't like as much as the original. My next project is to attempt to trim a set of cap grommets in hopes that it will feel a bit more like the original set. Any tips on the best way to do this would be appreciated.
Played with Comp Tour yesterday and loved it. Great balance and weight(12oz on my postal scale) pleasing flex,moderate power with excellent control. Best $2.99 I ever spent.
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