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Great weather and the match was played outdoor which was very nice. So much better to watch outdoors.


Wisconsin took the doubles point which was disappointing because earlier in the year our doubles looked strong. Things have gone downhill for doubles recently.

Singles: (Clemson swept singles)

1: 75 Yannick Maden def Fredrik Ask 6-3 6-3
Maden's rank fell from 59 to 75 in the new rankings which I dont quite understand, Because since the last rankings he has only lost to #3 player in the nation and beat two other ranked players. Anyway he did not play particularly well vs Ask but Ask had no game to hurt him. Ask was a hefty lefty who hit a lot of inside out topspin shots. He was not very fit and often would give up on points.

2: Gerardo Meza def Alexander Kostanov 6-3 3-6 6-1
Kostanov is a transfer from South Carolina. Meza controlled the match, Kostanov started to re-dircet some of Meza's power in the 2nd set but Meza turned up his game in the 3rd.

3. Dom Maden def Petr Satral 6-4 6-2
One of the better matches Maden has played this year. Played smart and dictated each point with his big forehand.

4. Zac Rigsby def Billy Bertha 6-4 5-7 6-1
Rigsby should have closed this out in 2 after leading 5-3. But it did not matter in the end because Bertha did not have the stamina to battle in the 3rd set.

5. Cedric Willems def Rodney Carey 7-6(3) 4-6 6-3
This was a hotly contested match. Willems battled with the Bahamian for 3 long sets. This was a bad blooded affair with both players making questionable line calls and the umpire having to get involved in disputes. Willems has badly cheated at 4-5 for Carey in the 2nd set ball was inside the line on a passing shot but Carey called it out and ump agreed but it was in response to a call Willems made 2 points earlier. There was a question of whether or not hands would be shaken after the match but they did and the disputes did not carry on after the match.

6. Wes Moran def Quinton Vega 6-3 6-4
This was good to see Senior Moran step into 6, as Harrington and Wibowo are out right now. He is getting motivated for his senior year and played very well vs Vega. Moran did not face a break point until late in the 2nd set. Vega could not do anything to get by Moran and was left frustrated by many of the points.

next weekend Clemson plays in the Blue/Grey classic in Montgomery. That tournament features Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, Cornell, Boise State, Mississippi State, Texas Tech and Clemson
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