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Originally Posted by Faithfulfather View Post
What do you suggest I do? Should I make a bracket to move the Wise head further back? What about just removing the diablo attachment? Would it help if I raised the Wise head so the head is level with the string bed?
related but somewhat not..... I would drill a third hole in the mount at the same distance from the first hole that the original mount bracket is drilled/spaced and leave the original rear hole in the mount open.... use the original threaded piece to attach to the mount then slide the entire Wise/Mount combination backward away from the turn table pivot to buy you some space between the Wise and the turntable/uprights/etc.... this should help you from having to have your upright supports being biased to one side of the turntable as is seen in your first pic/link.

see the pics..... if I am not completely clear just say so and I'll try to better articulate....

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