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Originally Posted by pjb5s4 View Post
Being a 4.5, I dismissed the warrior 100 because of it's "tweener" status but after reading this I'm strongly considering it. One of my favorite rackets I've hit with was the triple threat warrior mp so hopefully this new warrior will do the trick for me. I think with a leather grip the static weight will be at mid 11's strung with a 6-7 head light balance.

Sounds like that would be amazing. I liked the warrior a lot in stock form, but would love to try it with those specs.

I have been leaning towards the rebel 98, but need to give the warrior some more thought. I guess i need to keep demoing! I bought the new pd on impulse when it first came out - but I regret it. The warrior is such a better racquet in that class. With the pd you can make some magical powerful shots - but it's all racquet - no feel, no touch, and no feedback. You have no idea where the balls going. Sometimes you get real lucky, sometimes not. With the warrior (or rebel 9 you feel like you are in control and if you mess up, or make a great shot, it's all you - not the racquet, and you're not fearful of hitting the ball long on every shot.
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