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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Those are 3 racquets that I could pick any of them and play well with.
They are all similar and only have subtle differences between them that only demoing would bring out, but here are some thoughts...

I found the BLX Pro Open slightly less powerful than the DCP and not quite as solid feeling. More control oriented and great all court stick.

The DC Pro is a great baseliners stick for powerful serves and groundstrokes but I found it excels in all areas.

The Warrior is equal to the DCP, but with slightly heavier swingweight. Great all around stick, but it's designed to be a power stick like the Becker and Babolats.

Power: DCP slight edge over the Warrior, then comes the Pro Open
Swingweight: Warrior most, then the DCP, then the Open.
Serves: The DCP and Warrior tied, then the Open
Volleys: Open, then the Warrior/DCP

Again, these 3 are so close, that only personal preference will decide, but I could easily play with either of them and be happy.
Thank you very much, it`s all very clear.
And what about confort, grip (don`t like Head grips, like Dunlop, wilson, babolat...) and head shape.
I`ve been playing with Dunlop 4D300T and I want to change for a more powerfull racket, but I think that dunlop 500T and 400 are too stiff. what do you think?. Thanks!!!
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