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Originally Posted by p-ratziner View Post
Thank you very much, it`s all very clear.
And what about confort, grip (don`t like Head grips, like Dunlop, wilson, babolat...) and head shape.
I`ve been playing with Dunlop 4D300T and I want to change for a more powerfull racket, but I think that dunlop 500T and 400 are too stiff. what do you think?. Thanks!!!
if you don't like Head grip shape then the Becker is out. It has a similar rectangular shape.

Comfort, the Open and the Warrior are both comfortable and similar stiffness levels, but I give the edge to the Warrior. Its slightly more plush feeling and the Open is more crisp feeling.. The O Ports of the Warrior aid in comfort and power.

Head shape, the Warrior is rounder like the Speeds or the Extreme.
The Open is a standard shape.
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