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Originally Posted by TheCanadian View Post
one of these daily hours should be in a private or semi-private with a world-class coach.

We know that the best coaches tend to be parents, as long as they know what they're doing.

One anecdote, I grew up with Andrew Sznajder (46 in the world at one point); his dad was his unique coach. A mediocre player and not somebody who knew all that much about tennis. However, he would spend hours a day feeding Andrew tennis balls and establishing drills. What kids need is not tennis lessons but to hit lots of tennis balls (i.e., practice time and matches). It makes me sick to see parents spend a fortune on lessons by unethical, money-grubbing coaches.
I agree, but it is so important to develop technically sound strokes early on. If a parent knows what they are doing, then they should go for it.

Otherwise, I would be scared of the parent reinforcing bad habits.

And yes, there are lots of tennis coaches out there who are con artists. Who talk a great game but either do not really know what they are doing or really do not care to put the effort in for your kid.
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