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I agree with you Blakefan. The Bryan rise to champion and subsequent heel turn has been fantastic. Absolutely the best angle of 2012 so far. And I can take or leave Michael Cole, but I give him a lot of credit for his work with Bryan, it's been stellar from the NXT get-go.

Really not looking forward to Taker/HHH. I kept holding out hope. I was hoping that when Hunter opts out with something like "I'm not going to fight you again, Taker", that all of a sudden a big "BUT I WILL!" would come over the sound system and Mankind making an appearance. I think Mick and Mark could have put one more epic battle together.

Anybody watch the developmental? I can't wait for Antonio Cessaro and Dean Ambrose to make the rise. A couple others too, Bo Rotundo will be ready soon (got busted for DUI over the weekend though ) and brother Husky is real good too. Seth Rollins is likely going to be called up soon and Chris Hero is getting started now (as Kassius Ohno) and will likely be in Florida for a year or two.

Looking forward to the return of Skip Sheffield. Apparently, he's been doing a lot of dark matches recently and has been rumored to return. May not be until after Mania though, we'll see. Really enjoy his work.
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