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Originally Posted by maverick66 View Post
I just dont see it. He was the second worse perfomer in the EC on sunday. thats only because khali cant move at all. I just dont get how people enjoy watching him. Barrett and Rhodes made the no selling indy midget look bad. his promos are boring as hell. He just yells yes all the time. The guy no sells everything which flys in the indies just fine but in the WWE when the big show chokeslams you you dont no sell it.

I also find it hilarious that santino is the most over guy right now. how the hell did that happen. sure he is funny but seriously he got the loudest pop of the night. thats just some funny stuff right there.

Complain about the in-ring work if you must, but I'm talking about his stick work and the great heel turn he just turned in. I thought it was phenomenal, except a bit heavy for a while on the vegan thing, but they've toned that down.

As far as not selling, I don't know. He sells pretty well to me, and really, I'm pretty sure he does exactly what he's being told to do, and if that is not selling, or perhaps low-selling, that's what he'll do. I've heard zero complaints from the locker room or the office about his ring work, so I'm going to assume it's just you.

I simply did not expect the quality he's been giving on the mic. Always thought of has his weakest skill, I think he's shown that it's a lot better than imagined. Sure, he'll never match the greatest promos of all time, but he's already proven himself better than others who were given the "great wrestler - bad talker" title. I mean, wasn't it painful to have to listen to anything Bret Hart ever said?
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