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The guy I played with this morning has shoulder problems. He's had them for years (from what he's told me). He got a cortisone shot last week and says he "feels like new", though he knows its temporary.

In the meantime, I'd strongly advise that you "keep breathing in and out"...........

Personally, I tore the hell out of my shoulder bench pressing 4 or 5 years ago. Couldn't serve for a year (and didn't). It actually hurt to raise my arm above my head for quite a while. When I "shadow hit" a forehand, I couldn't follow through and cross my body. What I mean to say here is, this injury really f***ing hurt. I actually couldn't even run for a while (hurt too much to swing my arms). I went to the sports ortho and he basically said "mmmmm....tough *****. Hurt your shoulder. Rest for a while. Then, here's some worthless PT. Now get away from me". Gee, thanks doc.

About a year ago I messed up something in my shoulder doing ring dips. I couldn't hit a proper forehand for about 6 months. Shifting my 5 speed into reverse was too much for me (I have an older BMW, and reverse is where the European reverse is. On the left of first gear). Oddly enough, serving was no problem. I hit all slice forehands for 6 months. Now, I'm fine. Like nothing ever happened.

My advise. Rest. Not "sorta rest". But truely rest. It sounds like you have not been doing this over the past few months and you are now paying for it with a longer recovery. Use the time to get into better shape (I mean running). You'll come back fitter.

Well, you'll just have to wait to see what the MRI and your doc say.
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