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More assorted video:
Unedited Doubles set


2 service games

Strings I currently have in *stock/access to:

Special thanks to TenFanLA and MadDog1 for helping me re-stock.

Discho Iontec Black 1.25**
Luxilon Adrenaline Rough
Luxilon Adrenaline
Luxilon Alu Rough
Luxilon M2 Pro**
Boris Becker Bomber**
PolyStar Energy*
Tourna Big Hitter Black 7**
Babolat Tonic*
Babolat VS BT 7 Black
Mamba Premium Natural
Kirschbaum Hybrix Spin**
Kirschbaum Hybrix Power**
Kirshbaum Pro Line II Black**
Wilson Sensation**
Wilson Sensation Control*
Wilson Hollow Core**
Wilson Super-Spin Black**
Tecnifiber NRG2
Gosen OG Micro White**
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