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Default Lux Adrenaline/ Dunlop Hexy Fiber 54/57

Note; I'll admit it. I'm a poly player and will preamble this by saying I am very biased against multi and Holy Cow I did NOT like this setup. I think it has to do with the general Poly/Multi combination as I've played Adrenaline/OGSM and enjoyed it and I even can hit with a full bed of multi although it's not my preferred string. Frankly though, I'm having trouble bringing myself to play with this frame when I have so many other available choices in my bag so I can't provide a true and honest review. Here's what I found in the little bit I've hit so far.

Aside from the slight issues with the Hexyfiber (incorrect listed gauge), there were no issues stringing it. Adrenaline is just like any other poly in the mains and Hexy fiber strings like a wet noodle-- quite literally NO coil memory.

*BIAS ALERT* The spin potential feels like near zero. When I switch from my usual poly/OGSM frames to this, the ball simply does NOT go over for the first 5ish balls. Instead of clearing the net by 1-3 feet it hits the tape...Perhaps it's simply my style of play but I feel like the ball slides off the strings when I try to hit topspin. Hitting flat is a touch more tolerable but I have to make significant adjustments-- the trajectory is very very different from my usual.

Slices are mediocre-- I don't see anything special here.

I'll regretfully admit it, this setup volleys rather nicely. It has a soft and muted feel with not too much power; just how I like it.

Haven't tolerated it long enough to really try-- will get back to this 1
Edit: Serves are ok, I was able to find a consistent groove but I didn't notice anything particularly special about this setup. Easy on the arm, I guess

It is muted, soft, and produces a terrible "thwock" when hitting the ball. Hitting topspin gives one the sensation of the ball slipping on the strings but otherwise (hitting flat) is not a terrible feeling. I wouldn't chose this particular setup for any sort of significant match but it works rather nicely for teaching.

Durability/Tension: *Edit* Cut out after an hour of average hitting-- The outer coating of the Hexy Fiber was gone though.

All in all, I don't know how some of the players on the board do it. At a fraction of the cost, OGSM works 100x better for me. Realistically though, if I gave this an honest go, I'm sure I could work out my strokes to hit at a more appropriate level with this setup. At the current moment, I'm simply not a fan and changing my game significantly to convenience a string setup would be detrimental to the consistency I've been trying to build.

Hit a bit more with it-- although I managed, the above definitely applies.
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