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Originally Posted by Local Girl View Post
Check out the Mid-Atlantic website:
They're retracting the quad league and blaming it on the BNP Paribas.
You can do a google search and find out that the decision to change to "Quad Level" was made by the tennis director at Indian Wells. Indian Wells hosts the National championships for Tri-level and they decided to change the format to Quad Level for 2013. Then they decided to change back the format to Tri-level.

Edit: I can't find the link now, but the Tri-level national event is something that Indian Wells put together in conjunction with USTA. (I've never been, but I'm sure it's a nice event.) As an FYI, Tri-level is the only league that had a National Event before leagues were well established, and this is not what normally happens for a USTA league. For example, Combo is a huge & growing league but it does not have a National Championship at this point. Anyway, I believe that Indian Wells had a lot of control over the Tri-level National Championship, and they changed the format to Quad and asked the Sectionals to comply. You could still have a Tri-level league, but the winners would not advance to the National tournament at Indian Wells.

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