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Originally Posted by catfish View Post
You can do a google search and find out that the decision to change to "Quad Level" was made by the tennis director at Indian Wells. Indian Wells hosts the National championships for Tri-level and they decided to change the format to Quad Level for 2013. Then they decided to change back the format to Tri-level.

Edit: I can't find the link now, but the Tri-level national event is something that Indian Wells put together in conjunction with USTA. (I've never been, but I'm sure it's a nice event.) As an FYI, Tri-level is the only league that had a National Event before leagues were well established, and this is not what normally happens for a USTA league. For example, Combo is a huge & growing league but it does not have a National Championship at this point. Anyway, I believe that Indian Wells had a lot of control over the Tri-level National Championship, and they changed the format to Quad and asked the Sectionals to comply. You could still have a Tri-level league, but the winners would not advance to the National tournament at Indian Wells.
The link suggested they were reverting back to Tri, not eliminating the league entirely.

It is really hard to get on a Tri team around here. Each team only needs a few players at each level, so only the strongest need apply.

It is the only league that does not reward or require depth, only strength.
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