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^^ We're just going to disagree on this one, Cindy. It's available to by all mean, avail yourself of it. I hate to pull out the "fair" or "equal" clause but it just isn't. Those of us that live in the geographic center of a large District don't have the chance to try our luck(skills?) someplace else.

I see playing in two different Districts (without any restriction) similar to the same one team playing weekday and weekend -- hence the 2-person rule. And while they've removed the % rule on how many can play up, you've still got to declare yourself before Districts. If you're playing in multiple Districts you don't have to declare doodley.

No, what really needs to happen is MAS needs to suck it up and realign our "Districts" to make more sense out of how "regions" really work. West Virginia seems to have completely fallen off the map. Half (or more) of the "DC" teams don't live there and there's no reason the Outer Banks people shouldn't be grouped in with the Virginia Beach crowd.

Again, I don't bemoan you the opportunity to play in three different Districts. I just don't think you should be allowed to.
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