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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post

I see playing in two different Districts (without any restriction) similar to the same one team playing weekday and weekend -- hence the 2-person rule. And while they've removed the % rule on how many can play up, you've still got to declare yourself before Districts. If you're playing in multiple Districts you don't have to declare doodley.
I'm confused.

If I join two 4.0 teams (say, one in Montgomery County and one in Howard County, MD) and both teams advance, I still have to declare before Districts.

Also, the two-player rule prevents me from having my whole team compete in MOCO and HOCO in the same season.

I guess I don't see the unfairness. I live in MOCO, so the closest venues for me are MOCO. If I want to play in another District, I have to drive, drive, drive. How far a drive would it be for you to play in the next closest league?

I dunno, I guess I figure that having the opportunity to play in several leagues/counties at once is a function of living in a congested metro area. That's one of the benefits. One of the disadvantages would be how we have to have timed matches and pay $17/match for the court time.

I guess I don't see what would be achieved by telling me that I cannot play in Virginia as well as MOCO if I am willing to make the drive and deal with the traffic. If the objection is that it isn't fair because I get extra playing opportunities . . . I could say that it is not fair that people in your area don't have to pay the kind of court fees we must pay. I guess my point is that just because something is different doesn't make it unfair.

No, what really needs to happen is MAS needs to suck it up and realign our "Districts" to make more sense out of how "regions" really work. West Virginia seems to have completely fallen off the map. Half (or more) of the "DC" teams don't live there and there's no reason the Outer Banks people shouldn't be grouped in with the Virginia Beach crowd.
I'm still confused.

For Virginia, there seem to be several regions. When I went to Sectionals, it seemed like Virginia was over-represented. Meaning there were more VA teams than DC or MD. This makes sense, given that there are more VA players.

Are you saying that VA should be divided into smaller districts so there could be more of them so players could have more playing options? I guess that would be fine, but it seems that Northern Virginia is already kind of maxed out given that they play timed matches and only get 90 minutes. I guess if NOVA wanted to kick out all non-resident players to make way for their own players, that would be justifiable.
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