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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
It is definitely a situation that I think is somewhat unique to this area. It may get me in a pickle come districts time this year.
I don't know the geography of most of the major metropolitan areas across the country but I do think the VA/DC/MD is a rather unique one. Here you have access to three full-fledged USTA "Districts" in a relatively small area...including one that has a fairly small total population as well as tennis-playing residents (DC). That a city with the population size and geographic area of the District of Columbia is its own USTA District is poor management. Their estimated population of ~600,000 is less than our own Richmond metro area yet we've had to slug it out with more people/potential players...just to win our area's flight...much less win our state's District.

No, I think a better model might come from the Heartland. Take a look at how the area around Kansas City is structured. Two states are part of the KC metro area, yet it's just one District. I don't know enough about the Chicago area to know if they are in a similar situation. Three districts in a (relatively) small geo area....but I'd argue that Chicago and DC are not the same beasts and have vastly differing population sizes and types. Let's face it; many of DC's residents are transients. Just go ask the families who've lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Tops they're there is 8 years. Some only 4. And you and I both know that, with few exceptions, DC is a virtual ghost town on the weekends.

AQ, I wouldn't mind having districts at the Outer Banks!
That...would be Sa-Weet!
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