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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
What's to be confused about? MOCo and Howard County are in the same District. Maryland.

OK. I didn't understand that "District" meant "State."


But where's the rule preventing you from taking that MOCO team...and playing with that entire DC? That's my point. If I recall correctly, there's still a declaration that's got to be made before Sectionals, but just like the Sections not DQing at Sectionals, I think it's too late and the damage has already been done.

The rule that prevents me from taking my whole team to DC is the two-player rule. In Mid-Atlantic, you cannot have more than two players on the same team in the same division. So if my favorite MOCO partner and I decide to play in on my MD team and also join a DC team, no one else from my MD team can go with us. That rule applies for the entire season, not just the post-season.

The real question is how far would I have to drive to play in a different District. The answer to that one is over two hours. The answer to your question is still over an hour away (in Fredericksburg).
If I want to play in NOVA or Howard County or Frederick County, I need to be prepared to drive. The distances are not great; the traffic is a nightmare. Even in my home county, the farthest venue for me is Fairlands. That is one hour of driving each way for me, assuming decent traffic.

The point, though, is that you have the same exact choice to make as I do. If you want to play in additional leagues, you have to drive. You alone have to decide whether it is worth it. I have declined many invitations to play Howard County and Prince George's County because I do not yet own a helicopter.

But we've got some of our own issues with the last. We, too, have timed matches (during the indoor season) and a growing number of clubs here charge for court time as well.
I guess I don't see what the problem is that needs to be addressed. I mean, if a person chooses to live in a rural area or one with fewer tennis players, that person will have fewer playing options than someone who lives in a more congested area.

Take the sunnier climates, like Florida or Atlanta. They have it good. They can play outdoors year around, they can play for much less money. They have more playing options. Good for them. Let them enjoy the tennis benefits of living where they live. What reason is there to prevent me from having better tennis options or conditions than you have? I just don't understand, given that what I am doing up here in Suburban MD doesn't affect you in VA at all.

As far as USTA/MAS and USTA/VA is concerned, we are not broken up into "regions" (like, say, Florida is). There is only one "Districts" tournament and the teams must come from all over the state to that one same spot.
Same here. There is one MD Districts, and all MD teams must meet there to determine our representatives at sectionals.

As for "over-representation" at Sectionals, if that's the case at all, that's a fairly new phenomena. At the 3.5 level I'm most familiar recently as 2008, there was only one team from each District: VA, MD, WV and DC. But the following year, 2009, WV threw in the towel (so to speak) and gave up their "slot" to MAS...who apparently awarded in to VA. It was my understanding that it was to be rotated (mostly between just VA and MD). But VA got that slot again in 2010. Last year, MAS Sectionals had/hosted a completely different format with three teams from VA, two teams from MD and one from DC.
Yes, I was thinking more of senior ladies and senior mixed, as that is the only time I have been to sectionals.

For senior 3.5 ladies, there were two VA teams, one DC and one MD.

For 7.0 senior mixed, there were two VA, two MD and one DC.

I just think the whole Section could be divided more along "regional" lines as opposed to hard-and-fast, state borders. . . . . If you want more people to be involved, you've got to make it as logical and convenient as you can.
Sure. Maybe VA needs to re-draw its lines or re-organize.

Why do VA's troubles mean the rules should be that I can't go play in DC or VA if I want? That's the part I don't get when I say I am confused.
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