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Originally Posted by Jeff Salzenstein View Post
Hey everybody, I hope it's ok if I weigh in I just want to thank everyone for contributing and to those who are supporting my blog, my you tube channel, and my coaching philosophy. I always do my best to over deliver as a coach and to get better everyday. My blog and youtube channel are there for any tennis player to get free tips so that they can improve and if players and coaches want to dig deeper and receive more instruction we have paid content available as well. I feel we are helping a lot of tennis players all over the world and am excited to help many more. I look forward to contributing to the TW forum and I want to thank federerkblade for getting this thread started. Feel free to ask me questions in here and I will do my best to answer. All the best, Jeff
Hi Jeff. Does the 10 dollar monthly fee cover all the content until the membership is cancelled?
I'd be interested in trying it for a few months.
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