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Salzenstein is superb IMO. He keeps thing simple, gets straight to the point, is innovative and refreshing, certainly compared to much of the dross out there.

There are far, far too many online websites out there that overanalyze, offer 90% marketing junk, or just regurgitate platitudes that serve no real purpose. Salzenstein tends to get straight to the point and tries to concentrate on what's going to work. His site and the site are only ones I tend to bother with since they tend to be BS free zones.

It's difficult not to respect him, not least because of the level which he eventually reached, all the work which he did to improve his own game, move himself up the ranks, and how he remained a student of the game throughout his career. He also comes across as very affable. Not sure if its still up on his website, but his two podcasts about how he improved his serve and how his career developed are well worth a listen, not least because its a great story.

I've mentioned Salzenstein a few times in previous posts, but since he's popped up here himself, I'm sure he can talk for himself!

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