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Originally Posted by Shaolin View Post
Thanks corners I might give that a try.
If you do, please let us know how it goes. Playtesting for me is shut down until spring.

The reasons why I think this combo might be good:

1. We know that gut/copoly plays great. And it also seems to get spinnier as it ages. This might be because, as the copoly crosses cut into the gut mains, the gut releases natural oils, lubricating the intersections. Using a flat string like these Gosens might actually be counterproductive - they might not cut into the gut mains at all and so the oils might not be released. (Although I'd still like to try gut/polymaster)

2. Dynamite in a full bed doesn't last long. The strings have very high-friction surfaces so they tend to tear each other up pretty fast.

3. So, using a slippery copoly in the crosses and soft, powerful and high-friction Dynamite in the mains might be as good or even better than gut/copoly. The Dynamite mains will grab the ball, slide, and then snapback with a lot of energy. Like gut/copoly but a lot cheaper.

4. But Dynamite won't release those natural oils, so we want the crosses not to bit into the mains. The flat Polymaster should allow the Dynamite mains to ride and slide without cutting into it too much.

5. Dynamite in a full bed has very high string-on-string friction. But in a hybrid with Cyber Flash the interstring friction is similar to RPM Blast in a full bed. Polymaster II is twice as slippy as Cyberblash, so Dynamite mains should slide very nicely on the super-slick Polymaster.

But this is pretty much 100% geargeek speculation.

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