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Default Boris Becker Bomber 17

String: Boris Becker Bomber 17 (White)
Frame(s): FXP Radical Tour
Tension:49 reference

Fairly soft poly. I would put it somewhere in the middle. A little bit more stretchy than your average poly and it slides through when weaving pretty easy. Nothing crazy with the coil memory. The string stays true to its advertised diameter. 1.23 all the way before tensioning

I'll be updating this further but the feel of these strings is pretty interesting. Even though they're strung at the same 49lbs reference, they feel a bit stiff-- almost like I want to string them even lower. I found my backhand to be much much more effective than my forehand. Particularly backhand return of serve. In the hour of doubles that I played with this frame, I couldn't seem to find a rhythm on my forehand side. I'll have to hit more to make a better analysis. I also got the chance to hit some singles with these strings and I can now comfortably say that I prefer them for flat hitting by a mile. The response on a coiled flat stroke is linear in the sense that the harder you hit, the faster it goes. On the other hand, I didn't find the same results for spin. The more spin I tried to put on the ball, the further out it went, haha.

I seem to be able to serve really well with this string. Flat is solid. It's not gut/poly but it definitely has a nice response off the string. Where this string really shined was in my second serve. I was able to hit with confidence and place the ball where I wanted on the line. Felt really great on spin serves. I noticed that the balls didn't necessarily dive bomb like a kick serve but drove forwards and up.

Not a huge fan here. There are other strings out there that volley better. Two adjectives I would use are "snappy" and "stiff." There's not much give in these strings so you get a fairly crisp response.

Tension maintenance:
Over the three-ish hours I played this frame, the string bed didn't change one bit. Still nice and tight response from the string bed.

Won't know since I cut them out-- no notching though so I'm guessing favorable.

Final thoughts:
For the special price that TW sold these strings for, they're definitely worth the buy for the extra poly. I mean, common, how often can you get a set of decent string for 3.50? My suspicion, though is that these strings would perform very well in a hybrid of sorts. My next string job might just be a gut/poly combination since the mains should slide beautifully across the bomber.

Groundstrokes: 3.5/5 Good for flat hitting-- not my cup of tea for spin
Serves: 4/5 Nice and tight control.
Volleys: 3.5/5
Spin: 3/5
Power:3.5/5 Snappy but not incredibly powered
Comfort: 3.5/5
Tension: 5/5

26/35 overall

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