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Default Gaucho Natural 16/ WeissCannon SilverString 17

String: Gaucho Natural 16/ WeissCannon SilverString 17
Frame(s): LM Radical Mid
Tension: 54/ 57

Gaucho may not be the best natural gut out there but at 14.00 a set, one can't complain too much. This particular half set had a particularly even coating, no burrs, kinks, twists etc. Stringing it in the mains is cake provided you set your clamps right. Stringing it in the crosses... now that's a different story. SS, as always, is pretty easy to string. Just to make sure, I waxed the mains to reduce friction.

Note: I've played this setup many times in both this frame and my prestige mids and have always enjoyed it. I took a gamble and strung this 3 lbs lower than my usual. Consequently, my first reaction upon hitting was "Bah, the gut needs to be tighter." 15 minutes later it earned a coveted spot in my bag and sat there for 2 weeks. Recently though, I've been playing with lower tension poly and one night switched to this stick purely because I was tired/ sore from other things and it hit like magic.

With my style of strokes, this setup is NOT for slow hitting. I really have to dial the ball in and work on spin production when dealing with fed balls. Similarly to the low tension poly-- little mistakes in angle/ taking the ball late translate to ball launch. I definitely have noticed, though, that ever since I've been hitting the lower tensioned poly I've found this frame easier and easier to play. Spin is good, flat is great. When you set up correctly and take a big rip, the ball comes off the strings like a missile. Similarly, you'll be surprised sometimes that balls are clipping the baseline when they felt long.

Yeaaaah Buddy! This setup is by far my best serving combination. Extra 10-15mph on my flat serve + all the comfort in the world. Great access to topspin serves too. Again, not really a fan of the slow serves. I tend to hit them long

Great feel, great pop, very easy to drive the ball deep. There's a reason gut has been the S+V choice for the ages. It plays fantastic at the net with the extra pocketing. My only issue is that sometimes the pop can be a bit too much. Although I'm getting better, I'm not as comfortable at the net as I am at the baseline and those small errors can cost me when trying to put the ball away.

Tension maintenance:
It's gut. It's awesome. Duh... Racquet has been sitting in my bag for 2 weeks with intermittent hitting and still feels great. Tension hasn't really changed after the first normal dip. SS also happens to be my favorite control/tension poly and holds up well in this frame

I've got about 1-1.5 hours of doubles on this frame and so far so good. One small unravel by the 3rd cross from the bottom (no where near ball contact) and one really small strand coming loose in the sweet spot but I suspect it's more from the quality of the gut/ me picking at it than wear and tear. Update: Hit some serves with it last night and I'm starting to see more unravelling. I'll definitely have to try this combination with some tonic @ a higher tension next time.

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