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Originally Posted by onehandbh View Post
I think 5-7 minutes might still be pretty long. There are a lot of possible
ways to cut it down. Off the top of my head, some ideas:

- use video when you want to show/illustrate something. You can start
with the image of you talking but since the main content of what you
currently have is actually the audio (what you say), you
don't need to keep the camera on you. You can cut up the audio and use it
as narration/VO while you show samples/examples of your teachings.
You can use bits of some of the clips you have on youtube.

Since it's on your webpage, some of what you say should just be in

Consider the following analogy:
How would people most likely like to ingest the story "Gone with the Wind" ?

1) Read the book
2) See the movie
3) listen to the audiobook
4) watch a video of a guy standing there reading the book aloud

I'd hazard a guess, that most people would not choose #4. A 10
minute video on the web can feel like an eternity to some people.

What you want is actually a combination of the 4. A movie trailer.
You can show the author (you), cut to parts of the movie (your instructional
videos), use the audio of you underneath at times (audiobook), and then
maybe show a little bit of text (phrases) with the video or as separate
cards (screen w/text) stating key points. Just give them a taste. The
specifics should written on your webpage.

If you have more questions, you can contact me via my TW profile.
All good points. Thanks for your feedback.
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