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Originally Posted by dParis View Post
I never said it was cheap. You're right, though, it is somewhat middle of the pack price-wise but I look at string pricing like this: <$10=cheap, $10-$15=mid-priced. $15-$20=premium priced multi and >$20=gut. Cheaper strings I recall using are $6.50 (at the time) RIP Control (not right for me). $5 Alpha Gut2K (good) and $4 OGSM (nice to firm up a soft racquet, not sure I'd like it in my current, stiffer frame). I've found better playability in multis near the $10 point, where it makes sense to spend the extra $4-$6 and I'm speaking of the last two multis I've tried - Isospeed Pro classic and PPA. I love Gamma Pro ($20), but I don't find it to be worth $10 more than the other two, particularly the Isospeed and I see no value for me to spend an extra $20 on natural gut.
well, if the cheap options are NO option for you, than i approve
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