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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
$20 for a multifilament string is too much.
I agree. I'm glad I came to my senses.
Originally Posted by Rozroz View Post
did you try Thunderblast? you might find it good for you, if you like low powered and a bit stiffer multi. and that's really cheap.

boy i didn't realize my crappy avatar caused so much pain and discomfort!
i already got 5-6 responses from post-traumatized members
Low power and stiffer sounds like RIP. Not my cup of tea. Iso is so comfortable and pockets like a premium string. Has bite and wasn't mushy in 8 hours of play. Don't know how long it will stay that way for me. I cut it to try PPA. I'll cut that for TF Multifeel, then leagues will begin and probably go back to ICC.

I saw someone in the shortest match thread thank you for your avatar change. Your current one almost looks pleasant in comparison.
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