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Originally Posted by dParis View Post
I agree. I'm glad I came to my senses.

Low power and stiffer sounds like RIP. Not my cup of tea. Iso is so comfortable and pockets like a premium string. Has bite and wasn't mushy in 8 hours of play. Don't know how long it will stay that way for me. I cut it to try PPA. I'll cut that for TF Multifeel, then leagues will begin and probably go back to ICC.

I saw someone in the shortest match thread thank you for your avatar change. Your current one almost looks pleasant in comparison.

Thunder Blast does not have that random springiness of RIP Control. Spin is pretty good with it and when you hit the sweet spot, it has an X1 like feel. Still, it is stiffer than PPA no question about it. I believe MultiFeel changed their formula and is stiffer now.
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