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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
Any arm issues with the Pro Open 2012? My wife and 10 y.o. are trying it now and both love it. My wife's family has weird joints incapable of aging or damage...their joints are made from rubber. No worries there.

With a 72 flex I'm worried about my son adopting it. Should I be concerned? I must admit that when I fooled around with it I didn't feel a flex of 72...the demo is strung with NXT 17 and feels good. I noticed the throat is thinner than the hoop so maybe that rating isn't the whole story?

It's not my cup-o-tea but it felt so forgiving it seems perfect for my son who really enjoys it.
It's not a 72 flex, it's listed at 68..its actually the same stick as the prior release, so it's more like 66 in flex.

anyway, it has been very very easy on my issues there so far at all. I am trying full poly and also full RIP control to see which I prefer. I have gut poly in my 2nd one..awesome power and spin, but I don't need gut in this stick because it is so comfortable and powerful. this stick plays unreal with a more controlled string setup, which is why the RIP is so killer in it.

I ended up putting some lead at 12 and on the handle to get it around 330 grams. Still very light but it now hits even bigger.
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