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Originally Posted by li0scc0 View Post
My $0.02.
I hated it. Demo'd it over the weekend, and didn't like it at all.

Here is what I liked: Looks are better than the previous version. That's all I liked.
Here is what I didn't like: Feel. Horribly boardy and stiff feeling, and no ball feel. Power was less than a Pure Drive. Feel was less than a Pure Drive. Control was less than a Pure Drive.

Perhaps the string and tension played a part in was a basic 16 gauge synthetic strung a tad too high for my tastes, but I have hit with a Pure Drive with the same tension and there is no comparison.

Of racquets in this range, my top choice would be Yonex or Tecnifibre, with Babolat and Gamma close behind. My bottom choice is the Wilson Pro Open.

If you can modify with lead, I would far more recommend the Wilson Pro Staff 100...nice racquet. Or the Juice 100...a FINE racquet. I thought the Steam with some lead was very nice as well.
You are the first to say that so maybe the string was just that bad. I don't get it, but that was definitley not my experience.

Its just not a stiff or boardy racquet at all..has tons of ball feel for me. I don't know, but I have so far had a complete opposite experience

Btw, I saw the 2012 pjs in person and expected to be hating on the paint, but it looks very good in person. Basically if you like the APDCgt paint job, this is the same vibe. Definitley not as hideous as you would think...but that is usually how it is.

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