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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Yes defintley a different feel when you go up an ounce in weight like that too.

The pro open felt solid in stock form for me, but I have leaded mine just a little and it changes the stick a little. It always has felt solid to me and never hollow though.

Coming from ur background You most likely prefer a heavier stick and would probably need the POpen leaded to your specs to really be into it.

Great screen name by the
My frame of choice is modded to about 12 ounces which I really enjoy but I agree with spite of its lower weight the BLX Open feels very solid to me. Very stable too.

Re: the 72 flex... I got that from TW's OTHER frame database...the TWU racquet finder DB. It shows the Juice 108 and 2012 Open as having a flex of 72. Again, it didn't feel like that at all. I've tried a friend's Pure Drive and it felt like a frying pan. The Open felt very comfortable, at least for the brief time I hit with it. It also shows the previous Open with a lower flex so maybe that would work too since it's probably available at a lower cost.

If we buy it for my wife and son it would be strung with gut mains and a soft co-poly cross.
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