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The strings are all radically different. Each is specialized to a certain type of player or situation. For example, Iontec and CoFocus are all around polys. They work well for just about all situations. However, CoFocus is the least playable of all of the ones listed. It shines the most as a cross. It makes for a very lively gut cross, however. Comparing that to Silverstring, and you get an overall outstanding poly. You can use it as a cross, but it creates a much firmer stringbed. You get less spin than with the CoFocus, but you have far more control for sure. I personally think that of the ones listed, Silverstring is the best in a full bed. Scorpion is also best in a hybrid, but is the supreme main string. It's not even close. Its characteristics allow you to fine tune your game to just about any flavor by choosing a respective cross string. Iontec, however, I've only tested in a full bed. If I had to rank them in full bed, I would do as follows:

1. Silverstring 1.20
2. Iontec
3. Scorpion
4. CoFocus

If in a mains hybrid:

1. Scorpion
2. Silverstring
3. Iontec
4. CoFocus

If in a cross hybrid:

1. CoFocus
2. Silverstring
3. Scorpion
-- Iontec (no idea how it would behave as a cross)

So really it all depends on what you're looking for. Silverstring and Iontec are the two best overall. Iontec will give you more power around the court, but Silverstring is just about second only to Scorpion (as it turns out) when it comes to control. If you're hybriding, then Scorpion comes into its own due to its versatility. CoFocus, however, is only good as a cross. It's fairly generic otherwise. To put it another way, if I had to choose a string to use in a full bed for the rest of my life, I would choose Scorpion. Why? It gives control like Silverstring, but power of Iontec. While it doesn't have the feel that Iontec has, it's more than sufficient. It does not serve as well as Silverstring, but is definitely second in that category. If I was a high level doubles player, then Iontec would be the no brainer since its net feel is unmatched. Since I am an all-court player though, it'd be between Scorpion since it just feels best to me. Do note that I used to play Silverstring in full before I discovered Scorpion. So it's like this: hybriding Scorpion puts it far above anything that Silverstring can offer, but in full configuration, it's a step below Silverstring in overall balanced performance. For me, the variances in the parameters fits my game better when using Scorpion than any of the others.

This post really didn't make much sense depending on how you read it, so let me try to clarify by player type:

All-courter (extra control): Scorpion
All-courter (extra feel): Iontec
All-courter (perfectly balanced): Silverstring
All-courter (hybrid only): Cofocus

If you want it more specific:

All-courter (control): Scorpion
All-courter (feel): Iontec
S&V: Silverstring
Counterpuncher: Scorpion
Baseliner (neutral strokes): Silverstring
Baseliner (spin): Iontec
Defensive: None of the above, all require active power generation

Poly mains: Scorpion
Poly crosses: CoFocus

Hope that helped, and if not, I'll try to clarify a bit more

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