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Default dunlop biomimetic 300 tour club

after play testing the dunlop bio 300t for four months i am fully committing to this beautiful frame. it is very precise and with some lead tape in the upper hoop running from 11:00-1:00, it is very solid off of both wings for me. the power level and control are perfect for my 4.5 aggressive all court game. my reference string is isopeed control and i have it strung in the bio 300t at 55/52. i can play for hours and this set up is very comfortable. am testing tf x-one biphase and kirshbaum proline II also at 55/52. i like a 17g in this frame.

in looking to upgrade from my kneissl red star i was looking for the same kind of control but a little less power and more solid. i tried the yt radical, wilson blade blx, solinco pro 8, technifibre tfight 305, volkl pb 9 and x10-295, the regular dunlop bio 300, and the prince rebel 98. all nice frames with +/-. i kept coming back to this frame because overall i play best with it and it has the right feel for me. my coach is sponsored by prince and pushing the rebel 98. it comes in a close second then i like the technifibre tfight 305 and volkl pb9.

i plan to play with the dunlop bio 300 tour for a number of years. cased closed and happy
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