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Originally Posted by Up&comer View Post
Wait a second. You're using the PD+ now? I thought the 6.1 95 was the perfect racket for you. Then again, you don't seem to stick with rackets too long .

Anyway, I'm hoping to try out some PPA once I get fully used to my rebels.
I went light. It's so easy on me to play with 11oz sticks vs 12. I am a spin hitter with open stance and all that modern crap. I went 6.1..then lighter with the Pro Open which is the Wilson Pure Drive (awesome). I then really started missing the XL racquets and demoed a Pure Drive plus since there is no Pro Open plus...and here I am.

I don't think I ever said the 6.1 was perfect, but my god is it good. I would still say it is amazing, but it is 12.5 ozs and I don't like "letting the racquet do the work".

And I switch racquets a
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