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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
For reference, I broke NXT after 7 hours. An average multi will be between 8-10 hours for me. RIP Control 16 in a full bed will last me somewhere between 12 to 19 hours. Tension isn't going to drop much more after the initial drop. If RIP Control 16 doesn't last long enough for you, I don't know what to tell you except your only other option is tournament nylon.
Well it sounds like the PPA may last longer? The RIP has not busted on me yet (2 hours in). The last RIP I used lasted 4 hours, but it was 17 gauge.

If I get 12-19 hours out of it, I'm going to be very very happy and buy a reel. If It breaks after 4-8, I already have my list:

Iontec 1.25
my 6.1 gut mains/msv poly setup.
And this PPA that seems to be rather durable. I know Mikeler is a string breaker as well.

I break strings faster now that I went to a lighter stick, but my control and pace and spin AND serve is all better so it is worth it.

Up&Comer have you used 16 gauge rip in a full job before? Just wondering if you did and how long you got out of it.
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