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Originally Posted by pfchang View Post
Hey guys, I know this thread has been dead for awhile, but I'm currently dealing with another guy named "Kirby mendes" under username "elahn.pogue"

He is from boca raton, fl. I'm just wondering if anyone has any info of a possible connection and I do hope they are not the same person.
Last we heard, Kirby still resides outside Toronto in daddy's house and is/was attending college a a smallish private college in PA.

I would be very careful of anyone named Kirby Mendes. Good chance it is the same kid.

EDIT: After a little digging, 99.99999999999999999999% chance it is our old fiend Kirby. He apparently is no longer at St Francis U but coincidentally he had a teammate at St Francis named, wait for it, Elahn Pogue.

DON'T DO THE DEAL !!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT2: It is Kirby. He is in Boca all right. Now attends Florida Atlantic. Probably got booted from St Francis.

PFChang please post the email he is using now. ?

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