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As long as you're play testing frames with the string experiment, try one of my Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde frames-Dunlop 300s that I've tuned--theyre stable, heavy enough to get adaquate plow through, offer access to excellent spin due to the open pattern and low SW. Moreover, I've flared the butt which aids in torque, especially on 1hbhs if you have one. Plus theyve got that classic box beam. I'll mail you one if you're interested.
I think people might be interested in a playtest from someone who knows what he's talking about showing that you can take a solid platform frame and make it play better than the newest $200 frame with a high quality string job and some well engineered modifications. And I'm no engeneer if you catch my drift.
I've strung them full bed co-focus JET 48x52 and had them offer more control than a Prestige 18x20 and strung them Tour Bite 52x51 ish and seen more spin than any frame I've held, with equal rocket launching capabilities if you're late on the ball with. Cheers, and thanks for what looks to be another valuable thread.
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