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Default Review the craziest racquets you own

I have tried every strange racquet on the market to improve my game and just to have fun. Now Ive become sort of a collector of strange racquets.

 Do you guys own any strange racquets? Post your pics and give a's my first one:

The Natural racquet:

Intro: this stick had some cool attributes. It will ruin your game but it was fun to try out.

Thebstick is used by the battistone brothers on thebpro tour and they hitbsome of the most insane serves I have ever seen in my life.


Serves were ridiculously GREAT with this racquet. In fact I have never in my life hit serves like
this before. 

It took some getting used to though. The angle of the racquet faces sharply down. So basically you have to swing for the fences.... Literally ! I tried to hot the ball over the fence and the result was an incredibly fast serve that landed in the box. I have never hit serves like this before in my life.

ground strokes


As great as the serve was that's how bad the groundstrokes were. I just couldn't hit two handed off both sides . And after I tried it for a week it ruined my groundstrokes with a regular racquet.

The handles were great though. They are just shaped in such a way that it's really easy to change grips and it's very powerful. I wish all racquets used this grip system . Most comfortable grip that I have ever felt


Feel was great . Heavy plow through and a nice "thud" feeling.

return of serve

Horrible....for the same reason and groundstrokes . Just couldn't get used to it.


Horrible. It's so complicated . I kelt getting caught holding the racquet with one hand or two. There's just too much to think about .


Great conversation piece. The color is wild. You cannot fit it into some stringing machines. Serves are fun but that's about it. I would not buy this stick but it was a nice addition to my collection.

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