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The Mad Raq:


This is racquet actually works! One of the best racquets I have ever played with in my life.

This racquet came out before the spaghetti string ban and was used on the tour but Im not sure it's legal today.

I've read the rules and it says something like "you can have only one " SET" of strings". The Mad raq requires more strings and therefore is not one set.

The Mad raq is named after it's owner Madeline. Stringers did not want to deal with the nightmare of stringing it. So it never took off because of that.

At one point Donnay came out with a Mad raq as well and even used Mcenroes name. It's was called the Dunlop Mcenroe Mad raq.

Moving forward Madeline decided to take the third set of string out and created the "power angle" racquet sold right here on TW.

The power angle is a great stick but the Mad raq is much better. Madeline a mathematician got the idea from looking at an American Indian snow show. The design was very stable.

She made the most stable string bed I have ever played with in my stable that the strings never break. I have a set in there that's 15 years old.

I showed the racquet to Roman Prokes and he LOVED it. He said it just made sense.

out of all the models I thought that the "Bermuda" was their best stick.

[b] serves[b]


Powerful and accuracy great. The spin was incredible especially on slice out wide.


The amount of spin was awesome and the stability of the stick was insane



Again very stable with no shock to the arm ; however the frame was a bit thick for maneuverability. There are however thinner models than the Bermuda mode,.



This is the best feeling racquet I have ever played with period. The string design is just so stable. It's hard to explain but the feel is different than any other racquet you have ever played with. It's just rock solid.


So why don't I play with this stick if I love it so much

- I don't know if it's legal

- causes to many problems and people always question me

- no one wants to string this beast

If you have any sort of arm problems I think you will LOVE this stick. If you can deal with all the grief people will give you about the racquet and getting it strung then it may be for you.

You basically have to string only once because the strings never seem to break.

Groundstrokes [/
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