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Ergonom vs X-45


I bought the ergonom at TW and the X-45 at at flea market for $ 20 bucks.

The theory behind the racquets is that tennis is meant to be played with the racquet angle always at 45 degrees and this racquet does it for you.

The ergonom is an 80's racquet while the x-45 is the modern version.

I found this to be a gimmick that doesn't really work and gave no advantage whatsoever ......but the ergonom was the far better stick.


Ergonom 6/10
X-45 2/10

Hard to get used to butbafter a while I just ignored the shape of the head and was able to hit groundstrokes.

The ergonom had an 80's thin beamed feel to it. Whipped around nicely and played well. Control and power were not bad.

X-45 was horrible. Was a thick beamed racquet and played poorly.


Ergonom 3/10
X-45 1/10

I just could not get used to the shape. The only serves I could hit were slice serves. Flat serves were just impossible.

Of the two the ergonom cut through the air quicker and was the better of the two


Ergo 7/10
X-45 3/10

The shape actually did help a little here. It did help save time to prepare my racquet head .

The x-45 was just to bulky however while the ergo played like an old school stick.


Ergo 9/10
X-45 2/10

The ergo felt awesome . It hadbthat old school feel because it was old school.

The ergo was just way to hollow.


The shape really does nothing except on volleys where it really does help and save time. Serves were difficult to hit.

Of the two sticks the ergo is far better. Sometime newer is not better! 
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