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the legendary Spaghetti racquet


I picked this racquet up on the bay. I paid $300 bucks for it.

This is not a picture of my racquet because I cannot figure out how to upload. But my racquet is the old Lendl Adidas racquet.

This racquet was made illegal after Nastase broke Vilas' world record clay court run. That record was not broken until Nadal. Who knows how long Vilas' record would have lasted if not for this stick.

Nastase decided to use the racquet because a week before he was beaten by someone before who used it against Nasatase.

The racquet first caught the attention of the world when lowly ranked Mike Fishbach ( something like 200 in the world ) beat Hall of Famer Stan Smith. 

I personally don't think the racquet changed the game as much as graphite, oversize and poly strings have. If you noticed tennis is slowing down the surfaces to deal with that technology.

Although I did find that the spaghetti string gave you incredible spin and control, it was greatly lacking in power. If people used it today it would not give them an unfair advantage and I also think it would help tennis. We would see more variety .....feel and serve and volley players would be on the tour again.

The graphite and polyester strings helped baseliners  gain an advantage on ground strokes and return of serves. The serve and volleyers had virtually no help from technology in my opinion . It's not fair.

I believe that the spaghetti was outlawed more for political reasons than anything else.

In the Nasatse Vilas match there was a lot of emotion involved . People think that Nastase just won but the truth is that Vilas just gave up as he was completely frustrated. 

After losing the first set and on his way to lose the second set Vilas just stormed off the court in an angry rage. Vilas yelled and complained to his coach the legendary Tiriac .

Tiriac went on to coach Becker and became an owner of many tournaments . He is the richest man in Rumania and he is one of the most powerful men in tennis if not the most powerful .

Tiriac made just one phone call an the next day the spaghetti string was suspended from play and after a court battle made illegal. It ruined the guy who was promoting them in the USA. I actually spoke with his son because I wanted to buy more. But this was years ago.

The racquet i think would help players like Federer who have slice and junk I'm their game and it would be an answer to big top spinners like Nadal.  I think tennis would be way more exciting as well.

With polyester string oversized graphite racquets baseliners like Nadal have been given an unfair advantage . People cry its the slowness of the courts but I submit it's because of technology.

If baseliners were helped so much then why can't serve and volley players or all courters like Federer be given some technology ?

I am not going to give a scaled rating because the spaghetti doesn't compare to any other racquet. I will rather just describe it.


Definitely favors a player with touch like Federer. A topspin grinder like Nadal will have no use for this stick. The power is just not there. 

Although Nadal would get higher bouncing topspin he wouldn't have the same power. Plus Federers one handed slice would be able to deal with it better. The slice would come back far more effectively and accurately . It would make the playing field against Nadals powerful  Babolat fair and even more exciting .

The best stroke I found with this racquet was the slice. The ball just freaking dies. There's not much you can do with it.

A slice on grass even slow grass with this racquet is devastating and you could easily come in for a volley .

The junk you can put on the ball is amazing. But be forewarned its not powerful. It's more about control strategy and placement. Djokovic would have no benefit from this stick either.

Topspin is not a big deal at all. Sure you can get higher bouncing balls but the power is just not there. This racquet is not for a base line top spinner .


Amazing volleys. Perfect placement and lethal slices. Drop volleys are a dream . The ultimate Volley weapon.

drop shots & feel

WOW !!!! You can basically hit a drop shot from anywhere at any time with deadly accuracy. The feel is beyond describable.

Strung with gut and very plush. It's like a dream come true. Tennis the way I always dreamed of playing. Just so much fun.

I loved using it against juniors with their baseline bash games . They had no idea what to do with a real slice when they saw one.


Power was very poor but placement and accuracy was off the charts. A serve and volleyers dream racquet. 

Your not going to get to many aces but you will be able to put away a LOT of volleys. I felt like John McEnroe on the court . So much fun!!


Spaghetti strings I feel were outlawed due to political reasons. It didn't change the game anymore than polyester or graphite oversized racquets. This technology only helps the baseline badgers . Players like Federer or serve and volleyers should be given some technology as well to level the playing field.

We would also have variety back in tennis. Technology has changed our sport and we are trying to go back to the way tennis was by slowing the courts and the balls.  I propose either going back to wood or give the guys an answer to deal with all this power like the spaghetti string.

For hundreds of years there were no rules regarding a tennis racquet. Why all of a sudden did they out law the spaghetti string. 

The answer in one word : TIRIAC.

Why are polyester strings legal but spaghetti strings not? It's just not fair.

If you look at history Nastase and all courter was able to beat Vilas a clay court top spinner on red clay.  An analogy can be draw between Federer and Nadal.

I wonder what would have happened in that match if Nastase was allowed to use his spaghetti and Vilas had an APD ?? I think it would have been a fair match but far more importantly it would have been exciting as all hell and brough variety back!!!

Now that polyester is played with I think it's only fair to allow spaghetti strings to be used
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