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Originally Posted by Yourtenniscoach View Post
If you like the PDR you will be disappointed by the PD. Its much lighter feeling and the great plow through that the PDR affords is missing with the PDs feeble swingweight.
I disagree. I bet the reason dg David can't hit big with the pdr is because he is not getting enough racquet head speed to control the ball. I love that stick but it is a 12 oz racquet and it needs real good racquet head speed if you want to control it. it's stiff...heavier and has a bigger swingweight.

The pd plus was my choice because the swingweight is good out of the box considering how much power the stick has. It's easy to control since it is around 320 grams after strings and over grip. You can also mod the regular pure drives with lead and make them spec however you want.

But I hit with a big hitter today who played open tournaments when he was a little younger and my racquet never got pushed around because I could always meet the ball out in front.

Also it sounds like he is buying too many racquets and not spending enough time to figure out his game or what he really needs. Pick a racquet and use it a few months so you can figure out exactly what you need or you will be chasing your tail. 2 sets of tennis is just not long enough to know in my opinion.
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