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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
I tried it when testing some polys for me Wilson PS85 and it was by far the worst string out of about 5 or 6 polys I tried. And it was the most expensive one too.

It just played way too stiff (all polys tried were done at the same initial tension) and even looked whack in that odd green colour.

That said, I dont know the longevity of it as I played about 4-6 one hour sessions with each string I tried (often doing two at a time for comparison sake) and then cut them out. Maybe as a hybrid it would be much better but the colour honestly was a deal-breaker for me regardless.
Sounds like you needed to drop the tension.

You can't just test all sorts of strings at the same tension. Depending on the string's own properties, tensions have to be adjusted.

Try one set at your favorite tension, and if it feels too stiff, lower the tension on the next set.
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