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Originally Posted by Steve Huff View Post
CoachRick--wasn't the t2000/3000 considered "rocket launchers" back when they 1st came out? Come on Rick--think back......way back.
All of the T-series, 2000-5000 were considered very powerful; but we have to consider what they were compared to...conventional wood, horrible extruded aluminum, other 'chromed' steel sticks like the Tensor and Garcia X-15(an actual rocket, I reckon ).

There was a rumor that Wilson stiffened ONE tube in some T2000s to beef up the racket a bit. The throat bridges helped make the 3,4,5000s a little more resistant to twisting, but they were still very springy.

As mentioned, hitting flat and dead center makes this a formidable weapon; but if you hit(as I did) 2-3 mains off-center with spin, the T-series would feel like it was going to wrap around your elbow.

The main 'power-boost' was apparent at lower swing speeds, thus the attraction to those who didn't supply their own raw power. Put a 3000 in the hands of a wood racket 'pusher' and suddenly they are blasting the ball(comparatively speaking). Don't forget how aerodynamic these frames are compared to wood. They weren't all that light, but would cut through the air like butta . They would also cut through the knees and shins of folks trying to serve with a western grip while facing square to the net...LOTS of torn up lower legs back then!
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