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By the bye, I have a couple of Spalding Smashers...the extruded 'U'-beam aluminum counterpart to the Wilson series. I chose the Smasher as my first 'real' racket, partly to be different, but mostly because I preferred the stiffness of the aluminum vs the steel Wilsons. When they switched to the 'S' shaped throat support and foam injected handle, the Smasher was actually a pretty decent stick for the day...much better than the Chemold rattle-traps that many pros 'endorsed' briefly.

I'd choose my Smasher against my collection of Wilsons if I had to play a match today, that's for sure.

Instead of, or in addition to, the wood tournaments we all talk about; I'd like to see a 1960s METAL tourny---what a hoot that would be!
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