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Originally Posted by Hitman99 View Post
I have a PowerAngle Grand racket, got it because of a sore shoulder, plus my natural inclination to try new technologies. It is currently strung with a soft poly, but I am going to have it restrung with Babolat VS gut next weekend.

Since the PowerAngle already has the diagonal string pattern, I am wondering if there might be a way to add some cross strings, resulting in a pattern that is very close to the Mad Raq. I have never strung my own racket, so I don't know what is really possible. Looks to me like the grommets would need to be enlarged, so probably not an easy option.
Why go through all that ....just get a Mad raq. You can get one on the net....or I can even give you Madelines contact info.

I also have a few extra bit only one Bermuda model which is my favorite . I'm never letting go!!!

What are the specs of your current stick?

I actually know her . She is pretty cool.....

If you like your power angle you will like the mad raq better ...100 percent guarantee .

And you only need to buy one because the strings just never break.

Tension will change however and stringing this thing is a nightmare.
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