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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
Why go through all that ....just get a Mad raq. You can get one on the net....or I can even give you Madelines contact info.

I also have a few extra bit only one Bermuda model which is my favorite . I'm never letting go!!!

What are the specs of your current stick?

I actually know her . She is pretty cool.....

If you like your power angle you will like the mad raq better ...100 percent guarantee .

And you only need to buy one because the strings just never break.

Tension will change however and stringing this thing is a nightmare.
I have Madeline's email addy, she gave me some good advice about string choices. However, she didn't answer my last email.....

She never mentioned that she is still selling the Mad Raq. Perhaps she isn't, as no more are being made.

All the specs on the PowerAngle are available on TW. I have the Grand model, which is a 115 head size. In general, the racket is relatively stiff, relatively light, and several points head heavy. Normally, these specs would not indicate a very arm/shoulder friendly racket, but the string pattern addresses some of those issues.

I also have a Vortex Extreme Spin racket on order, for demo purposes (they have a 30-day MBG policy instead of a formal demo program). There are also two Vortex rackets for sale right now on that auction site, by one of TT's most active posters - JoeSch.

Hmm, just checked and there is an antique McEnroe Mad Raq also for sale on that auction site. Real small head though. I might buy it just for its historical value.

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