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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
No don't buy the McEnroe Mad raq at least not for serious play!!

It's a piece of crap. It was made for 13 year olds. I'm not even sure it's graphite.
I think it was only sold in like Target or stores like That. It's a joke .

I have a few Madraqs I don't use actually never even tried. Ill see if I have one that meets your specs. They are already strung however and it will be hard to restring .

Although Madeline lists a bunch of people who are stringers for her. I bought the guy in Thornwood out. I must have like 10 of them.

Madeline definitely has some or she can direct you on where to find it.

I'm glad you mentioned the Vortex. It's a very different racquet than the Mad Raq.

I have all the Vortex's and know them all well. The closest Vortex to your specs is the blue 116.

I'll post that one next when I have a moment. Great sticks.

I will be trying the Vortex 116, if I don't like it I may check out the 108. I am a super senior (65+) USTA 4.0, almost exclusively play doubles.

If you have a Vortex 116 for sale I might be interested. Ditto for a Mad Raq in a larger head size.
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