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The Power V Grip


Ok I know this isn't a racquet but this tiny little gadget has changed my game more than any racquet or string there is . In fact it's the most important of the three!!

I never knew how important your grip is but everything starts from there.

The right grip will give you more power , control and feel than any racquet or strings ....I swear.

This grip changes the angle of your racquet  face. You get a far more powerful ball . It's like having a nunchuck in your hand.

I actually bought one grip and then custom made my own. I used 5 layers of double sided foam mounting tape under the grip and it has improved my game more than anything !

It also allows you to feel each grip clearly and it locks your hand in strong . For example if your in a continental you can't really cheat and slide into an eastern unless you go out of your way to do it . It's tough to explain.

Babolat tried to copy this recently with a grip with a small bubble or hump in it. But it's not as nearly pronounced as the V grip.

Think about it the palm of your hand is not flat so why should your handle be.

It's sort of like when you wear inserts for arch support. It's a support for the "arch" in the palm....the palm is indented just like your foot. By giving it support everything improves tremendously .

Think of a steering wheel. You can turn a steering wheel quicker and with more power when the steering wheel has those indents to put you fingers in. It's a much better grip that just a flat steering wheel.

The pros know this and all have custom made grips....and so should you. It the base for everything .

Here's my review :


The V grip really works well here. The top end of the grip works like a shelf for your index finger . 

This V grip has increased the power of my serve , the accuracy and the spin.

For volleys you get increased angels. You can really hit those pro volleys like you see on tv. Love it.


The V grip actually does not work so well for eastern at all.

It takes away from the space as it goes right on the bevel where the palm of your hand would go.

It does however increase your power but the accuracy goes down a bit. 

It also increases the power of the serve with an eastern.  

I use it with an eastern (as well as all the grips) but it tool a loooong time to get used to.

semi western

WOW!!! What can i say? You will increase your power your accuracy everything . Just awesome for this.


No freaking clue. I can't hit western if my life depended on it


If you try it you will immediately see a HUGE difference in the way you hit the ball.

There is a learning curve though because you tend to spray balls all over the place because of the increased power. 

It took me actually about 6 months! But I'm glad I stuck with it and I would never go back.

Pros build their grips as well and have them custom made .

Navratilova said Bosworth built a grip for her and now she can hit a down the line backhand topspin which she really didn't have while on the tour.

This is the poor mans version of a custom grip. I have cut the mounting tape perfectly for my hand .

It has helped my game more than anything else.

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