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Default Big Hitter Black 7

String: Big hitter Black 7
Frame(s): YT Radical Pro
Tension: 48 reference on a constant pull Gamma

In a coil it feels harsh but as soon as you unravel it you realize how soft this string really is. Soft but with a serious edge. It reminds me of a black TourBite. Not particularly finger friendly but certainly better than some of it's stiffer counterparts.

Very clean. This setup jives really well with this frame. The response of the ball is somewhere in between the huge dwell time feeling of low strung poly and the crispness of a tighter strung bed. A lot of feel on the ball. The softness of the string really shines when you're returning big shots. Spin is definitely there and so is the pop for hitting flat. It's official. After putting about 3.5ish hours on this frame, I really, really, really, like this string. It offers me everything I've been looking for in this setup. Access to spin is easy and plow through is there. I can hit through the ball to drive it or I can float it up only to dive bomb on the baseline. Flat strokes leave something to be wanted on the pure trajectory and bounce of the ball but they get the job done without discomfort to my arm = win.

Again, another place where the softness of the string shines. Serves have a great feeling even when hitting them in the upper hoop. Some nice pop (although not quite gut/poly) and definitely some good spin. I wouldn't rate this string in the top 5 spin setups I've played but it definitely would make the top 10. I think what I enjoy most is the pure comfort of hitting balls with these. I must say that as the string gets looser, power becomes ample. I topped out tonight on a radar gun at 117mph in. It. Was. Awesome. Again, as the strings loosen up and wear down, the ball does become harder to place on serves. Where it makes up for it is on the increase in mph. Not necessarily the best tradeoff for some.

Does what it should. Volleys are solid and comfortable. Nice measure of control and ease of backspin. I'd say it's middle of the road; definitely solid. As the string softens up and loses tension, you'll find that volleys pocket a touch more.

Tension maintenance:
So far so good. The pure "every-ball-dips-in" magic is gone after 3.5 hours but it's taken on a different role. The string pockets a touch more as it loses tension but is still very comfortable and definitely playable

3.5h of hitting and doubles and the string is half notched. Most of the damage was done tonight but I also put 2.5 hours of good, solid, hitting in.

Final thoughts: Frankly, after having such a nice hitting night, I'm a bit ****ed that I didn't try Tourna strings earlier. I'm really impressed by this string. I am a little hesitant to say that (for my game) it's a better rendition of Dunlop Black Widow. They both exhibit a soft construction with sharp edges, high propensity for spin and comfort. I really enjoyed BW but found that A) it popped way too quickly and B) that it lost tension terribly fast if it didn't pop. While I certainly don't mind restringing, I still expect at least 5-8 hours out of a poly. Black Widow wasn't able to give me that or I would own a reel. I was able to compare this stringbed to a fresh frame of BHBR 17 and found them very similar. What I did notice is that the B7 is softer as a whole and after having been played lacked that "dip at the last second and catch the line" quality. Fresh BHBR was awesome-- Nothing seemed to go out. Having said that, I'm still testing both and really want to see what the end-game of this poly looks like. At this point, I can see 5 hours no problem of quality play time and if I get more, I might just have to buy a reel...

Ack, it popped. Hit nicely until the end but it popped. I'm going to have to play more of this string hoping that it'll give me a little more out of it (durability wise) but otherwise it lasted approximately 4.5-5 hours. Pic below

Groundstrokes: 4.5/5. This string fits my game fantastically. My only concern is that if you catch an angle, the ball launches
Serves: 4/5
Volleys: 4/5
Spin: 4/5
Power: 4/5. At this tension, it has the potentialt o be a cannon
Comfort: 5/5 For a full bed of poly, I'm really, truly, impressed
Tension: 3.5/5 It's still good but the playing characteristics have changed.

32/5/40 overall

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