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Originally Posted by iriraz View Post
No one is saying that Federer would win every tournament on a fast court but in my opinion the margins between the players would be a lot smaller if the courts play fast.U could still see a Djokovic,Federer or Nadal in the later stages of the big events but not all of them in every tournament.
Also the scores will be a lot closer.For instance Djokovic won a pretty close match vs Stakhovsky in Dubai 7-6 6-3.On a slower surface the score probably would have been 6-3 6-1.
The same can be said about Federer`s matches.He beat Del Potro on a slower surface pretty easily in Melbourne but in Dubai it was 7-6 7-6.
I prefer the faster surfaces as the matches are more competitive in the earlier rounds between the top players and the lower ranked and we don`t see so many blowouts.
This. I'm sick of seeing no competitive matches for the big 3 until the quarters and semis.. I used to like watching all the rounds, but nowadays I know there's no point because theyre going to come through without issue 9 times out of 10.
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